5 simple tricks to help you sleep soundly tonight

Getting ready for bed is all about rituals and signaling to your body that it's time for sleep. Here are 5 simple ways to get a good night's rest:

1. Say yes to sunshine! It's crucial to spend time outside in the sun during the day because it helps reset your brain. 

2. Make sure to get your workout in earlier. Spiking your heart rate too close to bed time will keep you up for hours. 

3. Be sure to watch what you eat. If you chow down on a big meal right before you go to bed, you could experience acid reflux. 

4. Take a bath before you climb into bed. Adding a few scoops of bath salts will help relax your muscles.

5. Ensure you keep your feet elevated! Gravity pulls liquids down towards your legs. If you raise your feet up it will help cut back on late evening trips to the bathroom. 

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