7 'bad foods' that are actually good for you

You may think these foods are bad for you, but they can actually be very healthy!

1. Pizza - Pizza loaded with veggies can actually be a very healthy meal. 

2. Ice cream - Fro-yo actually has more sugar, so choose half a cup to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

3. Potatoes - Potatoes help stabilize blood pressure, reduce bloating and aid in muscle contraction.

4. Chocolate - Chocolate is rich in flavonoids and can boost immunity.

5. Cappuccino - A 12 oz. cappuccino is 110 calories when made with whole milk. That mean you get an added 6 grams of protein.

6. Cream cheese - Cream cheese is easily a better choice than butter when choosing a spread. Butter is double the calories and fat.

7. Waffles - If you avoid added sugars and stick to fruit on the side waffles can be a very healthy breakfast. 

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