Steve Buscemi takes harsh criticism from an unlikely guest in his Emmy-winning show, 'Park Bench'

AOL's "Park Bench with Steve Buscemi" scored an Emmy Award last night for Best Short-form Variety Series, beating out series from YouTube and Highlights from the show's second season include interviews with John Oliver, David Blaine and Zosia Mamet as well as must-watch performances by Elvis Costello and Puss N Boots.  

Directed by and starring Steve Buscemi, "Park Bench" is a "talking show" that emphasizes the special people, places, and spirit of New York City. Told in Steve's unique voice, "Park Bench" was also nominated for an Emmy in 2014.

In the above episode, Steve Buscemi sits down for a second season of "Park Bench" with brother Michael, co-host Geo, and bandleader Anthony Laciura.  Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ("The Jack and Triumph Show, Adult Swim") teaches Steve some new tricks.

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